Friday, March 21, 2014

Justice Can Be Known By Its Fruits.

Justice exists in the human realm. When plant succession leads to one species-type replacing another no plant cries "foul." When a snake comes upon a mouse hole and enters and eats its inhabitants there is no picketing for justice by other mice! However a sentimental human may see these occurrences and try to superimpose a belief and come up with an interpretation that an injustice has occurred. Without the existence of humans it can be said that there is no concept of justice.

Only if humans were not really human - all exactly equal - would justice be a non-concept. And so in reality justice is an omnipresent concept that is interwoven throughout all of human action. Of course human beliefs again come into play and so interpretations of what is just and what is unjust are innumerable and varied. One of the consequences of living in the Dark Ages of economics has to do with a very poor understanding of human action and this is significantly aggravated by not understanding that the appropriate scientific methodology for the study of human sciences is subjectivism. With these biases in place it is safe to say that justice is a slippery concept.

However justice can be known by its fruits. The drive in socialism and communism to create equality is ironically the cause of great injustices because it runs contrary to natural law. First of all it is unjust to forcibly apply an unrealistic nature on humans. The fruits of this kind of 'justice' are rotten. The political class that tries to impose equality on the masses enjoy the great inequality of being the ordained ego-driven interventionist and ego-driven interpreter, with all of its perks. This rotten fruit of injustice cannot be considered justice. The squelching of the creative expressions of naturally subjective human beings requires force and so many of the 'equals' will have to be either killed or incarcerated. This is another rotten fruit of this kind of injustice. Those who meekly abide by the will of the overlords have no chance of developing any ethics as they are simply told what to do and how to behave and what to believe. This supposedly creates a condition of 'equality' by forcing humans to be slave-like but anyone with any brains or any morals know instinctively and intuitively that this is a rotten fruit.

Justice is that which enhances voluntary social cooperation. By this definition humans are given the freedom to express themselves and to contribute to an ever-advancing civilization.

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Human Law-makers Are Ego-Driven, Destroyers Of Justice.

Humans can discover the laws of the universe and of the Law-Maker but because of their finite minds only those who are ego-driven think that they can make laws, and those laws are corrupt and lead to injustices!

“As long as it is admitted that the law may be diverted from its true purpose--that it may violate property instead of protecting it--then everyone will want to participate in making the law, either to protect himself against plunder or to use it for plunder.”
― Frédéric Bastiat, The Law

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Justice Is Contingent On The Absence Of Economic Intervention.

That which promotes and nurtures social cooperation is just. Justice is a high ideal aspired for in all civilizations and all societies that are not in the stage of decline and destruction. One irony is that the reason for the decline and destruction of a civilization or society is because of the absence of justice.

Ignorance of what promotes and nutures social cooperation can be identified as a cause of the deterioration and degeneration. Living in these times - the Dark Ages of economics - it is obvious that the foolish superstitions of the so-called experts destroy the bonds of social cooperation and undermine justice.

The economic equilibrium forces inherent in the market processes are infinitely beyond the comprehension of the limited comprehension of human minds and only those who are ego-driven can make the absurd claim that they can anticipate all of the consequences of their meddling. The State hungers to skew the artificial bounties of intervention as long as possible and it does everything it can to enable the intervention and the ego-driven interventionists. All of this thievery and scheming is unjust.

Not only is the absence of justice the cause of the decline and destruction but the counteracting force is the return of the appearance of justice.

The greatest cause of injustice in the world today is economic interventionism.

Thankfully there now exists the perfect vehicle for the dismantling and termination of economic interventionism. It is the regression theorem of intervention. Using the regression theorem of intervention all economic interventionism and all of the crimes and injustices associated with each act of economic intervention can be traced back to its origin and its originator.

The other half of the equation is to remove the monopoly power of the justice system from control of the State. Since the State is the primary beneficiary and enabler of economic intervention it is impossible that it can also be expected to be an unbiased judge. This is an overwhelming reason to remove that specific monopoly power from the State.

When there is justice there will be no economic intervention because the regression theorem of intervention would readily identify the perpetrators of injustice and this deterrent alone will erase this plague of the Dark Ages of economics and humankind will enter into a golden age.

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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Justice Starts With The Discovery Of The Laws Of Human Action.

As laws are discovered - as the laws that pertain to the human reality are discovered - then the possibilities for justice become much greater. Therefore it is imperative that a new approach is taken. Part of this new approach consists of abandoning of all of the laws that were simply legislated by the ego-driven interpreters and the ego-driven interventionists (ie. the State and its agents) and that formed out of the quagmire of moral relativity.

Here is one example of the discovery of these laws and how they strengthen justice in human civilization. The study of praxeology (and its subset economics using the subjectivist methodology) has found many operable laws for us to examine.

The disutiltiy of labor is a law in operation in the realm of human action. In simple terms every person would prefer to leisurely pursue what interests them, rather than and over, the requirement to sacrifice their leisure to perform work. This work is a necessary requirement to be able to generate income for sustenance and if possible to afford the pursuit of leisure. This phenomenon is called the disutility of labor and it is a law.

Consider the implications this has for justice. If I violate someone's property rights then I will be required to compensate them for the damage. Because of my disutility of labor the consequent dissatisfaction that I would potentially experience would minimize or eliminate my careless violation of another's property rights. As a result the society will have a strengthened sphere of justice and the civilization will be able to advance.

It is the discovery of the laws of human action which are at the foundation of human civilization. It is time to build civilization from the ground up!

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Concept Of Time And The Alpha And Omega.

But human knowledge cannot ever ascend past the concept of time. It is bound to time. To gain knowledge beyond this realm requires an Alpha and an Omega! The knowledge given to the Manifestations of God transcends time. Using the divine economy theory it is possible to appreciate Their contributions to the story of human evolution.

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Creating An Environment Of Liberty And Justice.

Divine economy theory has a role to play in the spiritual, social, and intellectual development of individuals for many reasons. First of all, it is comprehensive of all disciplines from its very beginning to its end. It is all about creating an environment of liberty and justice so that the flow of knowledge is always at its maximum. “It is essential that scholars and the spiritually learned should undertake in all sincerity and purity of intent and for the sake of God alone, to counsel and exhort the masses and clarify their vision with that collyrium which is knowledge.” [157]

[157] Abdu'l-Baha, The Secret of Divine Civilization, (Bahá'í Publishing Trust, 1990), p. 39.

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Taking Charge of Development.

Peace and prosperity are imminent. “A higher standard of living also brings about a higher standard of culture and civilization.” [156] Each step along the way raises the capacity of the population to take charge of its own spiritual, social, and intellectual development.

[156] Ludwig von Mises, Economic Policy: Thoughts for Today and Tomorrow, The Third Edition, (Ludwig von Mises Institute, 2006), pp. 89-90.

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